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Here are some stunning real life transformations of our driven guests... Hope they inspire you as they do us.


Tremors Went Away, Strength And Fitness Got Back To Normal

A young and extremely well educated, sensitive and independent 44 year old guest planned her stay at Atmantan with a purpose to getting fit, improving her underlying conditions of pain, tremors and metabolic syndrome.  The inspiring aspects of this guest were, especially how honest & aware she was of her personal inclinations towards nerve pain,

Post Surgery, Both Stability And Gait Was Restored To Normal, And She Could Even Return To Her Favourite Game Of Golf

This 65 year old repeat guest came into Atmantan post-surgery having recently gone through a Total Hip Replacement of the right hip. Post-surgery she was suffering from hip pain, a slight limp and restricted hip mobility. As part of our initial screening, she underwent detailed tests on postural analysis, neuromuscular coordination and range of movements.

Improved Quality Of Life With Ease Of Movement And Freedom From Shoulder Pain

This 61year old, confident and inquisitive guest was committed to her programme here. She came in for shoulder joint pain and mobility issues which she had been suffering from for close to 5 years. She checked into Atmantan for 20 Nights and was put on a customised Restorative Physiotherapy Programme. With an approach to reduce

Crucial Reduction In Weight And Better Management Of All Hypothyroid Symptoms

This young 49 year old guest had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3years ago & was on prescribed medication of Thyronorm 75 mg per day. She was naturally also worried about the associated weight gain (she came in at 78 kgs) and had come to Atmantan looking for a solution. Despite having followed a low carbohydrate

There Is A Way Out Of Morbid Obesity With The Right Effort And Timely Guidance!

This young 31 year old guest came in with a severe Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) condition and morbid obesity. She checked into Atmantan for 14 Nights on a customized Weight Balance Programme. The Doctors did an in-depth visceral fat analysis and studied on her blood markers to gauge the extent of insulin resistance. After this,

Weight Gain Is Just An External Manifestation Of An Internal Imbalance

This 48-year-old has been coming to Atmantan for the past few years, but this time wanted to shed all the lockdown weight she had put on, and came in for a 50 Nights Weight Balance Retreat with the purpose of weight reduction and also to control her consequent rising blood sugar. World travelled and relatively

A Much Needed Ray Of Hope As The Auto-immune Conditions And Ongoing Inflammations Started Reversing!

A 60 year old guest came in with symptoms of SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which is an auto-immune condition that causes widespread inflammation and tissue damage (she came in with blood reports confirming the auto immune markers as well). She was also suffering from associated symptoms of fatigue, multiple joint-pain, gastric irritation and constipation (since

Acidity Induced Migraine Is Cured By Reviving Gut Health

This 48 year old, lean & fit guest first came to us for her severe migraines. Her blood tests showed IgE elevated levels as well and when she checked into Atmantan for 7 Nights and was prescribed the Holistic Health Programme. With diagnosed severe migraine bouts that made her resort to pain killers as a

Back To Life After Losing All The Hope Due To My Long Standing Rheumatoid Arthritis

This young 31 year old, came in citing multiple joint pains & swelling with mood swings and constipation. She was looking for cures to overcome her compromised lifestyle. She came in with an anti-CCP blood test. When she came to Atmantan for 28 Nights, she was undergoing depression and pains. But her belief in energy

Corrected My Sleep Wake Cycle, Gut Issues And Hypothyroid Related Symptoms In 2 Weeks!

Appeared stressed out and fatigued. Blood investigations and Autonomic Nervous System tests were conducted to evaluate the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic balance This 73 year old gentleman came to Atmantan looking for management of his hypothyroidism which was treated using an integrated approach. He checked in for 14 Nights, wherein he was put on the Atmantan

Cleansing & Resetting The Gut Brought Forth Relief From Allergies, Sinusitis, Asthma And Ibs!

A young 33-year-old, was completely boggled down with her many health concerns of eczema, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, mild IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Strong-willed and determined, she decided to come to Atmantan for a solution; she was completely exasperated and tired of taking multiple medications every day. She also had uncontrollable itching and dryness especially

Gerd, Borderline Diabetes And Buerger’s Disease Case Study

A 51-year-old lady with a known case of GERD, was very receptive and came to Atmantan for a 10 Nights Master Cleanse with absolute focus on getting rid of her problems! With complaints of burning sensation in the abdomen, while being diabetic (Sugar reading was 130mg/ dl fasting at arrival), she was also suffering from

Hadlund’s Deformity & Heberden’s Nodes Case Study

This 57 year old man with severe pain and stiffness in the fingers of his right hand was also suffering from severe leg and ankle pain. He decided to check into Atmantan for a 7 Nights programme. He was worried about his pains and depressed also due to digestive issues. After a thorough physical examination,

Ayurveda For Weight Loss And Heart Health

This young 36-year-old guest was suffering from high cholesterol and associated weight gain and this was especially visible in the abdominal area (central obesity). When he checked into Atmantan for a 10 Nights, he was recommended the Ayurveda Panchakarma.    Upon his first wellness consultation he was advised to undergo an Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment to help

A Great Lifestyle And Herbal Remedies Helped Curb, Both Hypertension And Fungal Infections.

This 55-year-old guest was a known case of hypertension (high BP since the last 15 years) and checked into Atmantan for 5 Nights, for relaxation and to improve his fitness. He also complained of severe and uncontrollable itching in the back and reproductive areas due to fungal infection. A disciplined and organised individual; he was

Hyperthyroidism, Sleep, Mental Health Concerns Etc. Can All Be Worked Upon If You Decide To…

This 51 year old guest, was a known case of Hyperthyroidism (he had been suffering with this for the last 15 years), and also had some other complex series of disorders like high Blood Pressure, hyper acidity, ED, weight gain, lack of sleep, allergies and with compromised mental health. He came to Atmantan for a

Hypertension And Weight Loss Case Study

This 66-year-old guest, and senior citizen had complained of very high Blood Pressure (he was on medication for this twice a day) and also carried extra weight. He was also a light smoker (3 cigarettes a day). An easy going yet analytical guest, he chose to come to Atmantan as he had heard of our

Hypothyroidism Is Not The End Of The World, This Can Be Combated With Willpower And The Right Guidance

This young 49-year-old guest had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago & was on prescribed medication of Thyronorm 75 mg per day. She was naturally also worried about the associated weight gain and had come to Atmantan looking for a solution. Despite having followed a low carbohydrate diet in her daily life, she had

Insulin Resistance Can Be Reversed And Morbid Obesity Can Be Managed Successfully!

This young 45 years old was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and had been living with this condition for over 7 years. She was as a result of this suffering from morbid obesity. While being fed and constantly putting on weight (despite following several diet plans), she decided to come to Atmantan looking for a

Hypertension Case Study

A young 46 year old woman who had just started suffering from symptoms of hypertension (and wasn’t on any medication yet), was certain that she wanted to sort help and correct this before it became too late. She was also suffering from severe acidity. When she came to Atmantan, her blood readings showed that her

Palpitations, Regurgitation Stopped & Gait Corrected By Successfully Tackling Morbid Obesity

A 17-year old boy who was diagnosed with class III obesity (BMI of 40 or higher) associated with borderline high blood pressure got admitted at Atmantan. He gained weight basically due to a sedentary lifestyle and overeating. He had also been suffering from frequent migraine attacks. Symptoms also included him feeling palpitations and breathlessness even

Alcoholism, Anxiety & Stress Do Not Define Us… There Is Always A Way Out.

This 25-year-old successful career woman came to Atmantan with complaints of high stress levels and anxiety along with emotional outbursts. She had been trying to cope with all of this alone, and had taken to heavy drinking as well in the past. Now sober, she decided to come for a lifestyle overhaul to Atmantan.  On

Post-covid Recovery Is Always Possible, You Only Need To Start Working Towards A Healthier You, Sooner Than Later.

A 44-year old woman came to Atmantan with the complaints of difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, excessive tiredness and these symptoms seemed to get worse after physical activities. She also suffered from tightness in the chest, persistent cough, chest pain with pounding heartbeat, and an increase in migraine episodes. Along with all this, she

Acne, Pigmentation & Weight Gain Is All An External Indication Of An Internal Hormonal Imbalance

A 20-year old girl came for admission to Atmantan with complaints of acne, black pigmentation around the neck (acanthosis nigricans), irregular menstrual cycle and increased weight. Through all this, her primary concern was her skin discoloration and the tendency of frequent acne, all of which had affected her self confidence and made her frustrated and

Getting Back To Pre-surgery Fitness Level, Is The Best Form Of Recovery

A 30 year old endurance athlete came to Atmantan with the motive to regain his flexibility and to ease his muscle spasm. With history of surgery of a fractured limb, which had rendered him incapable of continuing his regular workout at the intensity of before.  The muscle spasm had also resulted in compromised mobility, while

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