Our Story

We at Atmantan wish to transform you to the optimal way of life which enables you to better what you thought was your best.


Atmantan is Wellness

Wellness is an omnipotent word and it means many things to many people; to us Wellness simply is Atmantan.

Atmantan is one’s transformative and educational experience that is honed around the replenishment of their body, mind and soul. True wellness is more than the mere absence of disease, it is determined by the decisions and choices we make to live our lives with vitality and meaning.

Integrated Wellness Destination

Atmantan is an integrated wellness centre and is one of India’s most result-oriented one at that. Here we help you understand the relationship between sound nutrition and the functioning of the body. At this pristine destination, you coalesce your body, mind and soul and return as a renewed individual, heart whole and disease free.


Wellness World

We recognize the body as the formal expression of one’s physiological development and the mind as one’s personal spiritual journey. Our wellness world spans prescribed nutrition, healing therapies and functional fitness programmes to cosset and enhance your well-being.

Well Researched Wellness Programs

Atmantan believes in using ancient healing knowledge that is scientifically researched, and creating practical lifestyle enhancement programmes for individuals looking to initiate the journey of bettering their health. Our mediation and yoga schedules engage you in the process of spiritual wellness; Our qualified experienced trainers guide you through the programs taking into account your core stability and muscular endurance; Our Doctors create diet plans and prescribe curative therapies based on your personal requirements, there-in creating a result-oriented retreat for you.

Customised Wellness Formula

Atmantan has certified experts in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Pranic healing, Counselling, Yoga, Acupuncture and Fitness. This team, conceives the perfect ‘Wellness Formula’ keeping your abilities and requirements in mind. The various techniques of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, oriental and western treatments, dietary inputs and other lifestyle improvement methodology and technology, are employed diligently for your holistic well-being.

Evolution of a Healthy Community

Individuals who shoulder the responsibility of promoting health, of striking a balance and harmony with nature, while also creating positive and interdependent relations with others in society, are the ones who rightly inspire the progressive evolution of a healthy community. We at Atmantan strive to do this.

Live Well, Truly Well

We want you to live well… to truly live your life at its best, and not simply exist as a shadow of the glorious being that you have the potential to be; come live wellness the Atmantan way



The beginning of the solution that you seek for yourself, the ultimate formula for living this beautiful life as a wholesome and healthy human being.

We care deeply about the weakening lifestyles of not only ourselves, but that of our family, friends and people around us… and we naturally decided to be part of the answer. We felt destined to provide any self-aware and receptive individual with a one-stop answer, an integrated way of enabling them to achieve their desired healthy lifestyle and maintaining it for all times to come.

There is a sincere requirement and therein the need for ATMANTAN, the holy grail… a destination which helps individuals put themselves first, a place that takes us away from our hectic lives and helps us re-connect with ourselves, while placing our needs, wants and desires as top priority, so that we are eventually inspired to do this for every day of our lives. A place that helps us figure out everything that is right or wrong with us, set it right and make us fall in love with ourselves… After all, ‘you’ as your top priority is not entirely as selfish as it sounds, it is in fact, is the very need of the hour!

We at Atmantan wish to transform you to the optimal way of life which enables you to better what you thought was your best.

They say life is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration…
If you are inspired, then let Atmantan be your perspiration.




Recognised as one of the frontrunners in the Indian Wellness Industry, Sharmilee is held up by many as an inspiration – including us; She brings in creativity, intelligence and consumer insight to our team. She co-founded the Atmantan Wellness Centre, an NABH accredited institute one World Health Day, 2016. Today the centre is a multi-award-winning wellness destination and is synonymous with result-oriented treatment protocols and disease reversal programs.

Her vision to apply her flawless business acumen to traditional Indian sciences and wellness was a game changer for the industry. Her ability to occupy both worlds – one as a business woman and the other as a karmically-conscious healer – helps her navigate her space with sophistication and compassion.

The life-changing transformations the guests take back from the thoughtfully curated, personalised wellness experiences are the most treasured validations of her life’s work. As a Pranic Healer, her spiritual journey defines her. She thrives in its practices and evolves spiritually with it. Her writing and articles grace many a publication as they revolve around spirituality, and holistic wellness. Coming from a dynamic family of entrepreneurs keeps her grounded in the realities of the roles she plays – be it an entrepreneur, a woman, a mom, a wife, a human being or a healer – and continues to follow her heart with grit, passion and a strong sense of values.


When Nikhil co-founded the NABH-accredited Atmantan Wellness Centre,  he married hospitality with multi-dimensional and integrated wellness and designed an experience that broke the norm. Atmantan Wellness Centre redefined the recuperation experience into a transformative one – making it something to look forward to rather than suffer through.  As a leader, he is passionate, persevering and brings his natural joie de vivre to be a living example of the Atmantan Way.

A five-time IRONMAN triathlete, Nikhil is a certified Sports Nutritionist as well. He curated the Fitness Challenge Programme at Atmantan and was at the helm of introducing the Restorative Physiotherapy Program at Atmantan – a first of its kind orthopaedic treatment in India that also addressed to an extent, neurological conditions as well. Thus bringing real life experience as an athlete to the wellness industry!

With enviable titles like GQ’s “50 Most Influential Indians Under 40”, “Fit & Fabulous” – 2018 by Asia Spa,and awardee of the Luxebook Top 100: Indian Luxury’s Most Influential People -2020, Nikhil indeed power walks the talk when it comes to wellness and living one’s best life. Well, who better than an ironman to raise the bar of the country’s wellness industry!

Together Sharmilee and Nikhil initiated the tele-health platform of the nutraceutical venture of ATMANTAN NATURALS on World Health Day 2021, where one has access to authentic products made from the purest of ingredients and this is offered along with the advice of the Doctors… all this and more to help you UNLOCK your health. As avid advocates for all things natural, this global platform for Atmantan Naturals is a portal that finally gives us access to miraculous ancient Ayurvedic herbal combinations!

These potent, healing supplements have reshaped the lifestyles and wellbeing of not only the guests but also the whole Atmantan Naturals family.


Sharmilee Agrawal Kapur

Creative strategist & a Pranic healing practitioner

Nikhil Kapur

Methodical Entrepreneur & Ironman Tri-athlete



‘Atmantan’ is the holistic amalgamation of the atma {soul}, mana {mind} and tann {body}.

We at Atmantan recognize that deep and lasting change can only be made when these three components of our existence are ceremoniously and scientifically healed, in unison. Atmantan is an international, integrated wellness resort where guests are served and cared for with the warm Indian values of hospitality.


At Atmantan, We not only care about you,
but also the Ecology of the Environs


We have taken many steps to ensure that we live in sync with our beautiful surroundings. An extensive area and weather-specific environmental study was carried out here. This was to research and comprehend the possibility of green buildings and nature reservation through the use of passive architectural techniques, renewal energy, amount of solar insulation available, calculation of shadow ranges/sun shading and assessment of weather profile. The findings there off have been diligently applied during the design, planning and construction stages of the resort to maintain the ecology of the land.
Atmantan is a GOLD LEED Certified Project (LEED being the green building certification programme that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices)!

LEED is the acronym for Leader in Energy & Environment Design and this certification recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices incorporated by Atmantan.

  • With a Minimalistic Architectural style, all spaces here have been designed to best utilize natural light and to help the buildings blend into the natural landscape of the mountainous land. This is evident from the ample large windows in all the rooms and public areas; the buildings are all not more than a Ground plus one floor with exteriors done up in earth colours.
  • Solar energy – We have the largest Solar Hot Water Installation for a resort in the country! The primary source of heating the water for nearly all the applications at Atmantan is solar energy. Evacuated type tube collectors have been deployed since they are most efficient and can heat water on days that are cloudy.
  • THE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT installed at Atmantan is revolutionary and is called the Solid Immobilized Bio-Filter (SIBF) system. Atmantan uses treated chemical free water from this plant for all its landscaping requirements thereby not burdening the soil with any chemical residue or toxic materials which then enters our food chain. It is an eco-friendly, natural and non-conventional treatment system based on ecological engineering.
  • Use of Fly Ash (Industrial waste) during construction – Fly ash has been used in our RCC works as per the approved ISO RCC design mix. (Fly ash up to 20% has been used in RCC works). In addition to this, fly ash has also been used in our brick masonry works as well. NB: Fly ash is a waste product of the coal power plants (India gets 65% of its power from coal power plants). The use of Fly ash reduces the production of other concrete ingredients, resulting in significant energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Vermiculture – All the wet kitchen garbage is being used to create vermicompost. This is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner which then gets used on site plantations.
  • Wasted resources during construction like cement bags, steel etc have been recycled.
  • There has been no use of environmentally hazardous paints, woods, varnishes, finishing products etc. during the construction of the resort.
  • Special steps have been taken to only plant, soil and climate-appropriate flora on site which ensures thriving landscape and organic vegetable gardens through the year.
  • Atmantan has used energy-efficient VRV systems for its Heating, Ventilation & AC requirements. To further enhance the indoor air quality in the public areas, we have designed the system to use 30% more fresh air than specified as per ASHRAE standards (ASHRAE is the global standards for HVAC design). After all, Good indoor air quality not only improves our lungs to breathe more efficiently but also improves our productivity.
  • Only battery-operated vehicles, and bicycles are being used as a mode of transport at Atmantan.
  • Annual energy audits are underway too.
  • Separate ancillary projects have been employed to recharge bore wells, increase the groundwater table & plan other aspects of rainwater harvesting. You will see several man-made lily ponds at the resort too.
  • Excavated Topsoil is not discarded and is used by us for plantation and vegetation.