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Diabetes Treatment Protocol

1 in 10 people were living with Diabetes in 2021. By 2030, this number is expected to increase to 643 million, and by 2045, 783 million people.

“It’s just Diabetes…lots of people live with it and so did I.”

Our 62-year-old guest came to Atmantan for a month looking to hopefully improve his sugar levels. As he rightly described himself as a ‘seasoned & no-nonsense’ but open-minded individual who knew what he wanted and how he wanted it… So it was nothing short of an absolute achievement when he was able to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes & was no longer on medication!
“I have been able to reverse my Type2 Diabetes…I am no longer on medication. These are some enviable results. I am now on a prescribed diet and supplements…
The Doctors at Atmantan deserve all my congratulations,” exclaims the guest.

Atmantan’s Approach to Diabetes Management & Reversal


Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as Diabetes refers to a condition where there is a high presence of sugar in the blood (high blood glucose)

These are usually of 2 types

Type 1 Diabetes: An auto-immune chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. One could be genetically inclined to this condition and in some cases outside factors could trigger this as well.

Type 2 Diabetes: A chronic condition that affects the way the body uses and processes blood sugar. This is a lifestyle-induced condition.

Type 2 Diabetes can also be a state of…

– Pre-Diabetes: A condition of high blood sugar which if not addressed is likely to lead to Diabetes. This could be lifestyle-related or a genetic disposition to low sugar mobilisation

– Gestational Diabetes: A state of high blood sugar affecting pregnant women.

Did you know that sometimes the symptoms of  Type 2 Diabetes could be due to the body not producing enough insulin or when the body resists the insulin produced? The condition wherein the body resists the produced insulin is called Insulin Resistance!


Diseases that are Diabetic in nature occur when the body is unable to optimally metabolise blood sugar.
This group of diseases, that affects how the body uses blood sugar (glucose) can cause a state of hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar). Glucose being an important source of energy for the cells that make up the muscles and tissues needs to be available to us. It is also the brain’s main source of fuel.

Atmantan has successfully managed and reversed Type 2 Diabetes (and in certain cases, Insulin resistance too) for several guests over the years.
We help our guests transform towards a more optimal way of living.


Find a long-term solution to Diabetes by treating the root cause
Address their Visceral Fat, Insulin Resistance and ongoing Inflammation
Reduce/reverse the use on dependency on allopathic medication
Educate the guests on improved self-management of their lifestyle
Prevent further complications arising from Diabetes
Improve the insulin sensitivity within the biosystem


Integrated wellness can have a positive impact on the treatment of Diabetes and even reverse Type 2 Diabetes! By addressing the underlying factors that contribute to the condition, you can learn to manage and in many cases even cure this condition by making certain lifestyle modifications.

We focus on the various aspects of a Diabetes reversal. Here are some ways our integrated wellness programme helps you manage and reverse Type 2 Diabetes (All our programmes are personalised for you):

Diagnostics: We analyse lifestyles, blood works, arterial health, vascular aging etc. to pinpoint areas of deviation and corrections.

Diet and Nutrition: The gut is where most diseases begin and thus to address this, a personalised nutrition plan is created for the duration of your stay. Our prescribed diet plan focuses on an LCHF diet, which is a low carb high-fat plan for Diabetics. The diet would also be grain-free, and sugar-free, consisting of unprocessed foods with healing fats. This prescribed diet being anti-inflammatory in nature aims to improve hormonal balance and better manage blood sugar levels. The Doctors address nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, overuse of medications and changes in hormones with the right food.

Movement, Exercise and Physical Activity: Regular physical activity is crucial in maintaining a healthy weight, and boosting blood sugar metabolism and is the ideal long-term strategy to keep the blood glucose levels in the correct range. A combination of Core conditioning, Theraband exercises for muscle toning, Therapeutic Yoga, Aqua, Aerobic exercises, Muscle strengthening etc. assist and kick start the body’s natural healing and optimal hormonal mechanism. With improving insulin parameters, your body learns to improve its health from the inside out.


Stress Management: Stress causes inflammation and hormonal imbalance, which in turn contributes to your diabetic disorder! Our programme incorporates several stress reduction techniques such as therapeutic Yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices, all of which contribute towards improving your stress levels and the associated inflammation.

Adequate Sleep: Poor lifestyle habits that include sleep deprivation directly increase inflammation and the risk of Diabetes. We, at Atmantan guide you towards developing the most appropriate sleep hygiene habits so they can work toward improving their sleep parameters in the long run and ensuring sufficient restorative healing. Lack of sleep negatively affects the hormonal balance and glucose metabolism in our bio-system and these are areas that need to be addressed when treating any Diabetic disorder.

Education and Support: Atmantan believes that knowledge about your Diabetes condition and personally showing you how to manage it, control it and even reverse it is crucial for you to continue improving your health, even post your stay at Atmantan. This self-empowerment is the key to longevity. Our Doctors share information on your condition, and guide you towards making informed lifestyle choices and this knowledge helps you make the much-needed modifications. The transformation achieved thus becomes sustainable even in the day to day life!

Mind-Body Practices: Symptoms of Diabetes often first reflect in anxiety, distress, reduced quality of life etc. Our integrated mind-body approach including practices of gastro packs and therapies, cupping, energy healing, pranayama, mediation, counselling etc. enables you to take on this powerful programme at your best as you manage to improve and even reduce the inflammation, and hormonal imbalances and successfully also curb stress in a cohesive manner!


Herbal and Natural Remedies: Certain herbal supplements and nutraceuticals, such as Omega-3 fatty acids (Essential Fatty Acids, EPA-DHA supplements), Ivy Gourd (Coccinia Indica), Indian Barberry (Berberis Arista) Pterocarpus Marsupium etc. are all known to have positive effects on metabolising blood sugars; Our Doctors are trained in integrative medicine to best determine the appropriateness and dosage of these Naturals formulations for you. The dietary changes, along with our potent supplementation help you optimally bridge the nutritional gap! We recommend you consult with our Doctors and they will best advise you on a comprehensive treatment plan going forward.

Read how this 62-year-old reversed his Type 2 Diabetes in just 30 days


This successful 62-year-old man, extremely clear in his thoughts and actions, was a known case of Diabetes. He had been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for the last six odd years. Interestingly, he didn’t feel this chronic health condition was a big deal or hindering his lifestyle in any way and had only come to this wellness centre because his wife forced him to


Upon arrival, the Doctors conducted an in-depth diagnostic that confirmed his pre-disposition to Diabetes. He was connected to our Diabetic Risk Profiler which showed that he was in a moderate risk category. His creatinine was on the higher side as well. Also, due to high triglycerides, he had calcification in blood vessels which caused his blood pressure to read in the higher range. Even with his regular medications, he had a fasting sugar of 120-130 (normal fasting sugar is 70 to 100) and HbA1c of 7.8% (normal range should be between 4 to 5.6%). His diagnosis also showed that he had a tendency towards developing kidney stones.

He also mentioned to the Doctor that his wife had noticed a disruption in his sleeping pattern that had made him sluggish and irritable.

He was put on a personalised Doctor programme to improve his cardiac parameters and sugar metabolisation. The treatment programme included gut and detoxifying therapies like cupping sessions, Gastro-Hepatic packs, Ayurvedic exfoliation etc. He was prescribed physical activities like geriatric yoga, core conditioning with the thera-band, aqua fitness sessions and others which were all great for his heart, joints and overall health.

He was on a customised low carb-high fat diet which included healthy shots to detox and heal his gut. Even though the food portions were controlled, this food-loving guest loved the fine dining and decided to commit to the diet with all his heart. The diet was supplemented with Atmantan Naturals’ Dia-Solve (to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose-lipid metabolism), Gastro Care (anti-inflammatory and restores the pH balance of the stomach) and Omega 3 (for a healthy heart and overall wellbeing). He was on a fixed schedule to avoid any spikes in blood sugar, and his diet ensured an improvement in his glucose-insulin metabolism.



Please Note: These results may vary depending upon body type and pre-conditions.

The results after four weeks of the programme were truly remarkable.
He was able to reverse his type 2 Diabetes!
By day five his previous diabetic medication was tapered down, such that towards the end he was no longer dependent on them! On departure, his fasting sugar normalised as it had come down to 87 mg/dL from 120-130. Even the post-prandial sugar test showed a drop to 140 from 230 (within a normal range) and HbA1c had decreased to 6.2 from 7.8 (which was an amazing improvement).

As someone who lived to eat, this guest had also managed to lose 14 kgs in four weeks and his visceral fat also went down from 19 to 16! All this while enjoying the clean food, following discipline and adopting an active lifestyle at Atmantan.

He came out healthier and stronger. Needless to say, his wife was ecstatic with his transformation, which made him even happier… As they say happy wife, happy life!

He had decided to continue with this even after he checked out and signed up for the After-Care Programme, which helped him stay in touch with his Doctors.

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