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Cholesterol Treatment Protocol

High cholesterol poses a significant health threat globally, and contributes to the burden of diseases like ischemic heart disease and stroke in both developed and developing regions

“My doctor gave me an ultimatum that with a cholesterol of 302, I was a heart attack waiting to happen.” This 45-year-old dynamic guest came to Atmantan with a goal of tackling high cholesterol and obesity. 

He was committed to turn things over and get a better grip over his health and overall well-being. The results were a reflection of his determination. His cholesterol had reduced to 150 from 302. It was normal! His LDL had also come down to 90 from 207.

Atmantan’s Approach to Cholesterol Management

Know more about Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a form of lipid (waxy, fat-like substance) present in the bloodstream and is derived from two main sources
the liver and the food consumed.

Is cholesterol bad?

Not at all, as cholesterol plays a crucial role in building cell membranes, synthesising vitamin D, producing hormones (like estrogen and testosterone) and fat-dissolving bile acids. 

Hence, the notion that all cholesterol is bad is a myth that needs to firstly be dispelled. The fact is that while the body requires cholesterol to build healthy cells, high levels of this cholesterol when formed can heighten the risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol is carried in the bloodstream in the form of spherical particles called lipoproteins (lipid plus protein). The types of lipoproteins include…

  • Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL): Commonly referred to as the ‘bad’ cholesterol, high levels of this LDL can lead to a buildup of plaque in arteries, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease, cardiac concerns or even a stroke.
  • High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL): Commonly referred to as the ‘good’ cholesterol, this carries excess cholesterol from other parts of the body, back to the liver, thereby reducing the risk of artery blockages.
  • Very Low-Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) Cholesterol: This is another form of LDL Cholesterol essential for lipid metabolism. VLDL primarily transports lipids and triglycerides within liver cells and to different tissues and organs throughout the body. Although VLDL is labeled as “bad” cholesterol because of its link to triglycerides and atherosclerosis, its main purpose is to help distribute necessary fats needed for cellular functions and energy production.
  • Triglycerides: Lipid profile test also measures triglycerides which is a type of fat in the blood that the body uses for energy. However, high levels of triglycerides can also put an individual at risk for heart disease, cardiac concerns or even a stroke.

Factors that tend to contribute towards an unhealthy higher cholesterol include…

  • Having a diet high in saturated and trans fats
  • Increased consumption of carbohydrates and refined oils
  • Suffering from obesity 
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle 
  • Inadequate movement, physical inactivity
  • Prone to vices of smoking, drinking etc.
  • Have pre-existing medical conditions such as Chronic kidney disease, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Lupus
  • Have a genetic tendency toward it – Individuals can inherit genes that cause them to have higher than normal levels of LDL, known as Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

Did you know that globally, 1/3rd of ischaemic heart disease (a condition of heart weakening resulting from a decrease in blood flow to the heart) cases are linked to high cholesterol?


While high cholesterol typically does not exhibit noticeable symptoms in the early stages, upon reaching a more advanced stage, it tends to create several consequent complications. Therefore, we strongly recommend routine check-ups, so that you keep track of your cholesterol levels and overall heart health. 

For individuals aged 35 and above, it’s recommended to undergo blood tests every 6 months. However, if there’s a history of liver issues, heavy drinking or smoking, it is even advisable to have these tests done every 3 months. 

Since high cholesterol causes plaque buildup in arteries, narrowing them and obstructing blood flow to the heart and organs, it causes chest pain, cardiac issues or even heart attacks. Do remember that when addressing high cholesterol, the main objective should be to effectively lower or control the LDL and Triglyceride levels, with the eventual aim of reducing the risk of a deteriorating heart condition or encountering cardiovascular issues in the future.


Analyse the causes that have led to the elevated levels of cholesterol

Address the deranged lipid profile markers and liver enzymes 

Improve HDL levels and reduce LDL levels to enhance cardiovascular health 

Educate guests on how to maintain and manage this improved lifestyle

Mitigate (if possible) and curb additional risks arising from the condition


Centered on natural treatment for high cholesterol, Atmantan’s thoughtfully-curated wellness approach significantly benefits in addressing, treating and managing this condition and its disease-causing pathway.

We focus on natural ways to treat high cholesterol by aiding in the reduction of LDL (bad) cholesterol and balancing triglyceride levels in the body. In addition to improving cardiovascular health, rectifying deranged lipid profiles, controlling blood pressure, and preventing atherosclerosis (thickening or hardening of the arteries), this also ensures an overall elevated well-being. All this forms a part of our natural treatment for cholesterol management.

Our Diabetes and Cardiac Risk profiler helps us better understand the health of the arteries and their ageing. 

Lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management techniques, and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking form an integral part of of the naturopathy treatment for high cholesterol. 

Here are some ways our integrated wellness programme helps manage Cholesterol (All our programmes are personalised for you):

Diet and Nutrition: What you eat can significantly influence your cholesterol levels. Saturated and trans fats can increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood whereas healthy fats found in nuts, seeds, and avocados can help increase the good cholesterol levels. Our prescribed diet includes a combination of short and intermittent fasting, along with healthy fats, high protein and low-carb dishes. Our Doctors address issues like nutrient deficiency, inflammation, excessive medication use, and shifts in cholesterol levels through appropriate dietary recommendations as they stay in touch with the guest through our After Care programmes…


Movement, Exercise and Physical Activity: Regular exercise is vital for maintaining good heart health and can also increase HDL levels. Activities like core workouts, circuit training, Zumba, cardio, and Yoga, along with meditation, aid in kickstarting fat loss and improving fitness parameters. 


Stress Management: When suffering from high cholesterol, the diagnostics also pinpoint a higher visceral fat and fat percentage in general over time due to stress and a compromised lifestyle. This stress which causes hypertension and inflammation, is what puts one at a risk for heart disease
. Our thoughtfully curated techniques include meditation, deep breathing exercises, Yoga, and other mindfulness practices that help you better manage stress and lower vascular ageing. 


Adequate Sleep:
Poor sleep quality also has a negative impact on your cholesterol levels. Too little sleep or too much sleep, can hamper your physiological markers related to lipid metabolism. Prioritising good sleep hygiene is crucial as it complements other lifestyle modifications like a good diet and regular exercise that help in achieving optimal lipid profiles. 

Mind-Body Practices:
We incorporate Ayurvedic treatment to reduce cholesterol, which combines both mind and body principles drawn from this ancient Indian medical system. This includes Basti, Nasya, Udwartanam, Abhyanga, Patrapinda, Choorna Pinda, Virechana etc. In addition, we also prescribe abdominal therapies for enhancing gut health and improving the flow of energy (chi) throughout the body.



Education and Support:
Atmantan strongly believes in educating individuals on regularly monitoring cholesterol, making lifestyle changes and mastering the management of this condition. Our team of medical experts offer detailed personalised insights on understanding Cholesterol, lifestyle modifications, risk factor management, frequent testing, analysing reports and handling medications. 


Herbal and Natural Remedies:
Nutritional supplements and natural herbs for high cholesterol aid in maintaining the natural health of blood vessels, increases good cholesterol, and stabilises LDL cholesterol. The right supplementation also prevents oxidative damage of lipid particles, and liver health and reduces the risks associated with high cholesterol. Herbs and supplements such as Omega 3 Fatty acids, Dia Solve, Nutri Liver and Gluta Ox+  have proven beneficial in managing cholesterol levels. Also Anti Ox 3 which contains potent lipid antioxidants can prevent oxidative damages within the blood vessels and reduce the complications of high cholesterol. Our team of Doctors are trained in integrative medicine to tailor herbal formulations and doses for you. 

Read how this 45-year-old managed his high cholesterol and obesity at Atmantan


Somewhere in between being a hardy football player in his college days and achieving major corporate milestones as a successful executive, health and well-being took a back seat for this 45-year-old man who was suffering from high cholesterol and obesity. 

Erratic schedules, irregular meals, late-night social commitments, and strict work deadlines were all taking a toll on his health, and to cope with this, he was resorting to heavy smoking and a few pegs of whisky EVERY evening.  

But it wasn’t until his Doctor warned him that he realised how alarming his health situation was. Determined to get a grip on his life, he decided to come to Atmantan for a wellness reset, after gathering positive feedback about our holistic retreats from his pals


Upon the guest’s arrival at Atmantan, our Doctors carried out a detailed consultation following which he was prescribed a 21-day Master Cleanse Retreat.  

His cholesterol level, before admission, was a high 302 (Normal range is less than 200 mg/dL) and LDL was extremely high at 207 (Normal range is less than 100 mg/dL).

At the wellness centre, he was put on a diabetes risk profiler and a couple of other diagnostics. His lipid profile test showed deranged values and even his liver enzyme levels were not in the normal range. That explained his high cholesterol.

The Doctors pointed out that high cholesterol build-up and mild calcification in his major blood vessels were the major reasons why his anaerobic threshold (exertion level between aerobic and anaerobic training) was not that good. 

During the Doctor consultation, he also mentioned complaints of constant fatigue, low energy, dry skin, shortness of breath, hair loss and lack of motivation to do anything

With a BMI of 30, he was 15 kgs overweight and his visceral fat was also high. Moreover, for someone with a strong athletic background, his VO2Max reading was way below average at 32 (normal reading for a fit person of his age would be 45). Even his vascular age (a measure of the age of the arteries) was 70. 

The guest was understandably overwhelmed by these findings, but our Doctors reassured him that they would put him back on the right track slowly but effectively. He was prescribed a range of Ayurvedic Treatments which included Basti, Nasya, Udwartanam, Abhyanga, Patrapinda, Choornapinda Virechana etc. Consequently, the Doctors also performed Chi Nei Tsang, a Taoist abdominal massage therapy to release all the stress points and chokes present in his body

Supporting these treatments were a plethora of physical activities like core-building exercises, circuit training, zumba and cardio. Needless to say, this former athlete was an eager beaver every time a fitness session was on his agenda! 

He was put on a diet that was a combination of short fasting and intermittent fasting. Healthy fats, high protein and low carb dishes formed a part of his menu along with herbal shots to cleanse his liver. For a foodie like him, words such as time-restricted eating and portion control were definitely (NO) music to his ears. Nevertheless, this strong-willed guest went hammer and tongs with the diet and we loved that! 

He was prescribed Atmantan Naturals’ Natflam-6 (anti-inflammatory and gives relief from acute allergies), Fat Blazer (improving metabolism and curbs craving), Breathe Easy (improves respiratory efficiency and detoxes lungs), Gluta Ox+ (fighting oxidative stress and detoxing liver) and Nutri Liver ( for improving the health of the liver). 

His three-week programme was followed by two 10-day wellness pit-stops -carefully divided over a span of one year and sustained by the Atmantan Aftercare programme. 

HIS TRANSFORMATION | 1 YEAR (Multiple visits)

From his first visit a year ago to the third one recently, his unwavering commitment to return to his former, fitter self remained alive.
Upon departure, he was a picture of health. In a span of one year, his cholesterol had reduced to 150 from 302. It was normal! His LDL had also come down to 90 from 207. 

That’s not all he was also able to successfully lose 12 kgs of weight and even the visceral fat had dropped to 7. 

His fitness levels were up again. From being unable to go past the initial 15 minutes of the trek, he was now able to ace it without feeling breathless or exhausted. The fitness champ was back on track and decided to make SMALL lifestyle changes to sustain his BIG transformation And it began with quitting smoking…

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