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Best Insomnia Wellness (Sleep Therapy) Retreat to Beat Insomnia

No matter your age, we know your night routine. You get into bed and switch on your social media. You get on to YouTube to watch a Korean drama or scan through selfies you took in the day. You listen to some music or stalk friends on Instagram. Okay, okay we will add going through inspirational and motivational quotes and pages that give you your avalanche-size dose of modern self-care methods. But we know that you don’t get the deep rest that would repair your body, reset your functions and give you a sunshine morning that gives you a fresh start to the day.

Sleep deprivation will leave you with depression,anxiety, weight gain and even an unhappy heart.

Wake up to sleep studies

Your night routine influences how you sleep. Take it from us: that social media scanning routine is going to gift you improperly, disturbed sleep cycle. There is also the procrastinator syndrome that makes you stay up way after you are ready to bid the waking world a good night. Sleep is important for a healthy circadian rhythm and biological clock, sound mental and emotional health, keeping a check on obesity and weight game, hormonal balance. Sleep deprivation will leave you with depression, anxiety, weight gain and even an unhappy heart.

Trouble falling asleep?

Insomnia is a condition in which you cannot fall asleep. The reasons for this include mental stress, depression, anxiety, or any emotional and psychological reason. Insomnia is usually caused by stress, hectic work schedules, travelling, irregular sleeping habits, lack of exercise, overeating, mental disorders, food additives like caffeine and nicotine as well as lifestyle diseases like diabetes and GERD.
Read 8 tips to improve your sleep quality

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There are three types of Insomnia

Acute: This condition lasts up to a month and occurs due to temporary situational stress like a new job, deadlines and examinations. Once the situation is resolved, sleep goes back to normal.

Transient insomnia: This lasts for a week or so and could accompany another disorder, like, a change in the sleep environment, stress or depression. This one falls in the short-term condition category and can be a precursor to chronic insomnia.

Chronic Insomnia: This one goes on for a long time, and needs medical attention to resolve. The patient accepts it as a fixed condition but lifestyle changes and intervention by experts can help settle this.

Symptoms include difficulty in falling asleep, a sense of wakefulness in the middle of the night, waking up too early, feeling low on energy in the morning after sleep, restlessness and tiredness in the day, day napping in the daytime, mood swings, depression, anxiety, lack of focus and in severe cases can even lead to chronic anxiety and an overall emotional imbalance.

Among these is Sleep Apnea, a serious sleep disorder in which the breathing repeatedly stops and starts through the night.

Quality check for your sleep

If you’re reading this and nodding your head to the symptoms above, here’s what you can start off with:

  • Regular exercise (of your choice),
  • Proper night meals with a gap of two hours or more before you sleep,
  • Digital detox, two to three hours before bedtime, and then follow this, day in day out
  • Add healthy nutritious meals to your diet,
  • Add relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation to your daily practice
  • Cut down on coffee, alcohol and smoking and stay hydrated,
  • Ask yourself what made you happy in the day? This practice helps us stay grateful for the day, and invite positivity in our sleep hours
  • Also, write down your intentions for the next day. This will help you feel hopeful for the next day. This ensures your stress levels stay in check, and that you let go of heavy thoughts that otherwise keep sleep at bay.

Atmantan Wellness Retreat’s Sleep Retreat at your service!

Once you give us the baton to help you sleep better, our Doctors’ will put you on a prescribed plan to ensure you achieve your goal of attaining better sleep (not just till you are with us but also once you are in the comfort of your home). Beating Insomnia is possible… you only need to get started. Let us begin with light introductions.

Relieving underlying disorders also helps improve sleep patterns. When the body is fighting chronic pains and conditions, it directly affects sleep. This is something we specialise in at Atmantan; disease reversal and disease management using scientific and traditional research modalities is what we do best here.

At Atmantan we have faith in water and its soothing properties. A hot foot bath, hot showers and we also curate special sleep bathing rituals in your en-suite bathroom. For guests with chronic sleep disorders, our Balneotherapy menu includes Sleep-Ritual Aromatherapy Baths. (We infuse the water with a cooling rose aromatherapy salt bath. Geranium reduces restlessness and totally calms the nervous system promising you a rested sleep.)
We also offer Energizing Aromatherapy Bath for grounding and deeply calming woody aromas of the forest to induce a therapeutic journey of floating relaxation.
<>vr To get rid of laziness, add physical exercise, meditation and breathing practices to your daily routine. We especially recommend the Trataka and Yoga Nidra. The Ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy is also designed to detox you from stress and give your body a clean slate to function at its best. All the therapies conclude at the Infra-red steam, sauna and sweating therapies, all of which further free your body off toxins and relax you for a good night’s sleep.
We all need to pay attention to the body’s needs; When it is too tired with constant stress on the mind and body, a little relaxation goes a long way. Here in this crystal abode, you do just this… get onto the path of healing sleep patterns.

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Many techniques of Acupuncture (that stimulates the central nervous system by releasing biochemical already present in the body to aid healing in muscles, spinal cord and brain, Physiotherapy (realigning and resetting the body with specialised hands-on clinical skills and diagnosis), Moxibustion, (an invasive heat therapy using dried plant materials called moxa plant, and aid the flow of Qi energy in the body), Meditation and Breathing therapiesPersonalised therapy sessions, Gut balancing dietsNaturals supplements (Relax Aid) etc. are all of which that get you to your final destination of quality sleep.
After all, the way you wake up in the morning is a result of how you have slept the previous night. That is why we wish someone a baby’s sleep, as they sleep with full surrender, no-baggage of stress or thoughts. At Atmantan, we revive this healing and sleeping power of your body.


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